Undergraduate Program Overview

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Houston offers an excellent environment to study mathematics and its applications. In terms of enrollment, we are the largest department on campus, with approximately 10000 students taking math courses each semester. The department has around 300 undergraduate and 80 graduate mathematics majors. Our diverse faculty is both research active and deeply committed to the teaching endeavor. Nearly every course at or above the level of calculus is taught by a tenured or tenure-track faculty member. Students have the opportunity to learn from faculty members who have made and continue to make significant contributions to the intellectual base of the discipline. Weekly seminars, colloquia and frequent visitors contribute to the lively intellectual atmosphere . Modern computing and information technology play an important role in our teaching effort. Students can pursue a variety of more specialized research area within the context of the major in mathematics. The department offers special options in mathematical biology, financial mathematics, and teaching certification in mathematics.

Department research and teaching interests include applied mathematics, differential geometry, operator algebras and operator theory, nonlinear partial differential equations, partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations, dynamical systems, machine intelligence, scientific computation, bifurcation theory, symmetry, numerical analysis, complex analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and more.

The Department of Mathematics offers the following undergraduate degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • B.S. Teaching Certification (with TeachHouston)
  • B.A. Teaching Certification (with TeachHouston)
  • B.S. with Option in Mathematical Finance 
  • B.S.  in Mathematical Biology (jointly administered by the Departments of Mathematics and Department of Biology & Biochemistry)

Prospective students should visit the UH Office of Admissions to view current information on Admission Requirements, Applications and Scholarships and Financial Aid. For a quick overview of the undergraduate program, please view our electronic departmental brochure.

The Department of Mathematics provides the following student support services:

Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics encourages and supports undergraduate involvement in faculty research. Interested students are encouraged to contact faculty members directly.

Current Research Projects involving undergraduate students

Honors College

The Department of Mathematics includes number of Honors students from the Honors college. For more information, visit the Honors College homepage.


1.) *Pi Mu Epsilon*: General eligibility requirements for joining the University of Houston chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon. Contact Dr. Mark Tomforde for more information.

2.) MUSL: M.U.S.L. stands for "Mathematics Undergraduate Student Lounge". You can chill here with your fellow mathematicians, hold small class reviews, or just study. Make this place your "spot"! Click here for more information about the lounge including scheduled hours and department policies: M.U.S.L. Flyer,M.U.S.L. PoliciesM.U.S.L. Monitor Schedules, M.U.S.L. Opening Event.

3.) High School Math Contest: the department hosts an annual Math contest for students across the state. Many mathematics undergraduate participate as graders or helpers. If you would like to volunteer, contact Dr. Jeff Morgan for more information: jmorgan@math.uh.edu.

4.) American Mathematical Society (AMS): Check out the latest headlines and deadlines for students. To sign up for periodic e-mail notifications regarding recent news, helpful websites, special programs and services, and deadlines for applications for fellowships and grants, meeting registrations, and more, click here: Sign Up

5.) GAMMA IOTA SIGMA: The International Risk management, Insurance and Actuarial Science Collegiate Fraternity


*Pi Mu Epsilon* (add link: http://www.math.uh.edu/PME/): General eligibility
requirements for joining the University of Houston chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon. Contact Dr.
Mark Tomforde for more information.