PhD, Alumni








  • Branton, Sheena - PhD, Advisor: M. Nicol. First Job: Lecturer at UH
  • Dulock, Matthew - PhD, Advisor: M. Ru. First job: Post-doc at the Fields Institute.
  • Filipski, Natasha, PhD advisor: M. Golubitsky.
  • Kashyap, Upasana - PhD, Advisor: D. Blecher. Job: Assistant professor at The Citadel-The Military College of South Carolina.
  • Linsenmann, Christopher - PhD, Advisor: R. Hoppe. First job: Post-doc at the Institute of Mathematics, University of Augsburg, Germany.
  • Kouam, Cedric - PhD, Advisor: E. Kao. First job with Horizon Wind Energy, Houston.
  • Larson, Craig, PhD advisor: K. Kaiser/E. DeLaVina. First job, assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Pons, Victoria - PhD, Advisor: A. Caboussat and R. Glowinski.
  • Raghupathi, Mrinal - PhD, Advisor: V. Paulsen, First job: Post-doc at Uinversity of Vanderbilt.
  • Wang, Tong - PhD, Advisor: T. Pan and R. Glowinski, First job: Post-doc at Texas A&M U.
  • Xie, Weiwei, PhD advisor: E. Kao. First job, visiting professor at UH.


  • Barbara Gucciardi, Advisor: Golubitsky. First job: Instructor at St. Thomas University
  • Gvozdev, V, Adviosr: Kutnezsov. First job: Microsoft
  • Ha Nguyen, Advisor: Torok .
  • Hao, Jian , Advisor: Pan-Glowinski. First job: Post-doc, UH.
  • Liu, Y, Advisor: D. Ru. First job: dGB-USA Earth Science.
  • Patel, Swabhimtta, Advisor: Morgan. First job: Saracen Energy.


  • Abdulbaki, Soha, Advisor: V. Paulsen . First job: Instructor at St. Thomas University.
  • Hay, Damon, Advisor: D. Blecher. First job: University of North Florida.
  • Kalra, Deepti, Adviosr: V. Paulsen. First job: Wachovia bank.
  • Flagg, Mary, Advisor: J. Hausen. First job: Lecturer at UH.
  • Foss, Frederick, Advisor: R. Glowinski. Terralliance Technologies, Inc.
  • Pacull, Francois, Advisor: M. Garbay. First job: research engineer in a french company working on the optimum design of rocket engine.
  • Svyatskiy, Daniil, Advisor: Y. Kutnezsov. First job: Post-doc in Los Alamos Natiomal Lab.
  • Wang, Yunjiao, Advisor: M. Golubitsky. First job: Post-doc, U. Manchester, UK.
  • Xu, Dekang, Advisor: S. Ji. First job: CGGVeritas, Houston.
    Thesis: Proper holomorphic mappings between balls.


  • Almeida Leite, Maria Da, Advisor: M. Golubitsky. First job: Post-doctoral research, Purdue University.
  • Lapin, Serguei, Advisor: R. Glowinski. First job: Post-doctoral research, UH.
  • Muhm, Philip , Advisor: K. Kaiser. IT development manager, Boeing Company
  • Myers, Richard, Advisor: He. First job: St. Thomas University
  • Nanda, Arati, Advisor: R. Glowinski. First job: Instructor at UH.


  • Ryan Pepper , Advisor: S. Fajtlowicz. First job: Post-doctoral research, Texas A & M University at Galveston.
  • Philip Jacobs , Advisor: M. Field. First job: San Antonio College.
  • Oleg Boiarkine , Advisor: Yuri Kuznetsov. First job: Post-doctoral research, UH.
  • Andrey Martynenko , Advisor: Yuri Kuznetsov and William Fitzgibbon. The first job: Post-doctoral research, UH.


  • A. Ahmed-Zaid , Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First job: Lecturer, University of Houston.
  • Vrushali A Bokil , Computational methods for wave propagation problems on unbounded domains. Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First job: Post-doctoral research, North Carolina State University.
  • Vadim G. Dyadechko , Geometrically adapted meshes and iterative solvers for elliptic problems. Advisor: Y. Kuznetsov. First job: Post-doctoral research, LANL(Los Alamos National Laboratory).
  • Roderick Holmes, Advisor: Vern Paulsen. First job: Visiting Professor, Texas Southern University.
  • Masayoshi Kaneda , Multipliers and Algebrizations of Operator Spaces. Advisor: Vern Paulsen. First job: Post-doctoral research, University of California-Irvine.
  • Eunjeong Yi , Nevanlinanna theory and iteration of rational maps. Advisors M. Ru and S. Ji. First job: Texas A & M University at Galveston.


  • John G. Alford, Computation of bifurcating rotating waves for the Fitz-Hugh Nagumo equations on circular domains of one and two dimensions. Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. First position: Tulane University.
  • Sylvia Martina Foster, The Asymptotic and integral closures of elements in a multiplicative lattice. Advisor: J. Johnson. First job: Visiting Professor, UH.
  • Kehinde Omobola Ladipo, A wave equation approach to numerical simulations of Natural convention in rectangular enclosures. Advisor: R. Glowinski.
  • Konstantin Lipnikov, Numerical Methods for the Biot model in poroelsaticty. Advisor: Y. Kuznetsov. The first job: Post-doctoral research, LANL(Los Alamos National Laboratory).


  • Robert Berry, Spatio-temporially dependent models for the spread of infectious disease. Advisor: W. Fitzgibbon.
  • Sanjay Datta, Some results on the effect of the trapezoidal rule in finite element computation. Advisor: R. Glowinski.
  • James Solazzo, Interpolartion and computability. Advisor: V. Pauslen. First job: Post-doctoral research, U. of Georgia
  • Edwin Tecarro, Qualitative analysis of a model of the mammalian cell cycle's G1 phase. Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. Position: Associate Professor, the University of Houston (Downtown).


  • Ahmad Qawasmi, Regularity for the Hodge-Weyl decomposition. Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. Last known position: UAE University, Dubai.


  • Pietro-Luciano Buono, A model of central pattern generators for quadruped locomotion. Advisor: Martin Golubitsky. Last known job: University of Montreal. buono@CRM.UMontreal.CA
  • Julie Satitpunwaycha Walker, Thread generated idemponent topological semigroups on n-cells. Advisor: Dennison Brown.
  • Suming Wu, Steady-state simulation and fuel cost minimization of gas pipeline networks. Advisor: Ridgway Scott.


  • Ross Peder Abraham, Automorphism groups of abelian p-groups. Advisor: Jutta Hausen.
  • Rajia Nicolas Khoury, Closest matrices in the space of doubly stochastic matrices. Advisor: Vern Paulsen. Last known job: Collin County Junior College.
  • Ermelinda De La Vina, Ramseyan properties and conjectures of graffiti. Advisor: Siemion Fajtlowicz. Last known job: University of Houston-Downtown.
  • Zhuangzhi Zhang, The existence and decay of solutions of a class of non-strictly hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. Advisor: Barbara Keyfitz. The first job LicEnergy company in Houston.
  • Canfang Zhai, Computation of rotating wave solutions of reaction diffusion systems. Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. Last known position: Elliptus Technologies Inc., Richmond, Virginia.


  • Kirk Benningfield, Uniquely divisible topological semigroups. Advisor: Dennison Brown.
  • Sarah H. Ferguson, Ext, analytic kernels and operator ranges. Advisor: Vern Paulsen. Last known position: Wayne State University.
  • David B. Grillis, Coupled cell systems and symmetry. Advisor: Marty Golubitsky. Last known position: Naval Research Labs.
  • Lorenzo H. Juarez-Valencia, Numerical simulation of time-dependent viscous flows in complex geometries. Advisor: Ridgway Scott. Last known position: Departamento de Matematicas, UAM-I, Mexico D.F.
  • Guohua Ruan, Numerical solutions of a type of slightly compressible flow. Advisor: R. Glowinski. Last known position: Maurer Engineering, Inc.
  • Francisco Sanchez-Bernabe, On some splitting methods for the numerical solution of the Navier Stokes equation. Advisor: R. Glowinski. Last known position: Departamento de Matematicas, UAM-I, Mexico D.F.
  • Vasilis G. Zafiris, Constructs on manifolds applied to Grid generation. Advisor: R. Glowinski. Last known position: University of Houston-Downtown.


  • Crag A. Carthel, Numerical methods for some exact and approximate controllability problems for the heat equation. Advisor: R. Glowinski.
  • Chuan-Ze Hou, Symmetry breaking and heteroclinic cycles. Advisor: M. Golubitsky.
  • Jurgen K. Singer, The parallel fast multipole method in molecular dynamics. Advisor: R. Glowinski. First job: Post-doc at UT-Austin.
  • Dexuan Xie, New parallel iteration methods, new nonlinear multigrid analysis, and application in computational chemistry. Advisor: Ridgway Scott. Last known position: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
  • Chun Zhang, Representation and geometry of operator spaces. Advisor: V. Paulsen.


  • John Brian Burghduff, Permanents of doubly stochastic matrices with zero main diagonal. Advisor: Richard Sinkhorn.
  • Yongping Luo, Suslinian and weakly Suslinian continua. Advisor: A. Lelek.
  • Zhongde Wang, High order TVD schemes for the approximation of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. Advisor: Richard Sanders.


  • Christopher Josef Roesmer, An application of nonstandard analysis to Dempster-Shafer theory. Advisor: Klaus Kaiser.


  • Che-Chen Chu, Fintie dimensional representations of function algebra. Advisor: V. Paulsen. Last known position: Nat'l Taiwan Police Academy.
  • Wenyao Jia, Iterative methods for the Hartree and Hartree-Fock eighnproblems. Advisor: Giles Auchmuty.
  • Mahmoud G. Nasser, Numerical methods for multibody elastic systems and contact problems. Advisor: R. Glowinski.
  • Vaidyanath Vinod, Structural stability of Riemann solutions for a multiphase Jinematic conservation law model that changes type. Advisor: B. Keyfitz. First job: instructor at University of New Orleans.


  • David Cardan, Concerning hypernormal approximation of doubly stochastic matrices. Advisor: Richard Sinkhorn.
  • Terry Richard Tiballi, Symmetric orthogonalization of vectors in Hilbert space. Advisor: V. Paulsen. Last known position: SUNY College at Oswego.


  • Shui-Tian Chen, On selected conjectures of Graffiti. Advisor: S. Fajtlowicz.
  • Benoit Dionne, Spatially peridic patterns in two and three dimensions. Advisor: M. Golubitsky. Last known position: University of Montreal, buono@CRM.UMontreal.CA.


  • Michael William Cook, Periodic Points for mappings of the circle and other locally connected continua. Advisor: W.T. Ingram.
  • Eugene M. Insall, Jr. Nonstandard methods and finiteness conditions in algebra. Advisor: K. Kaiser. Current position: Associate Professor at University of Missouri, Rolla.
  • William Alfred Waller, Average distance in graphs with prescribed order and independence number. Advisor: S. Fajtlowicz. Last known position: UH Downtown.


  • Martin Krupa, Bifurcations of critical group orbits. Advisor: Marty Golubitsky. Last known position: New Mexico State University.
  • Shaw-Ping Lan, The semigroup of real stochastic matrices and generalized inversion. Advisor: Decell/ Sinkhorn.
  • Luis Camilo do Canto de Loura, Numerical iterative methods for the Hertree equation of Helium-like system. Advisor: R. Glowinski.
  • Alfredo Nicolas-Carrizosa, Numerical aspects of some time dependent partial diffrential equations problems. Advisor: R. Glowinski.
  • Monty B. Taylor, Filtration transforms of integral, commutative CL-monoids lattice modules. Adviosr: Johnny Johnson.
  • Shelia Seng Waggoner, Global existences for solutions of semilinear and quasilinear parabolic systems of partial differential equations. Advisor: W. Fitzgibbn.


  • Mai Gehrke, The order structure of Stone spaces and the T_D-Axiom. Advisor:K. Kaiser. Current position: Professor at New Mexico State University.
  • Raul Ernesto Gonzalez Torres, A geometric study of certain stochastic semigroups. Advisor: D. Brown.
  • David Otway Wray, First order quotational logic. Advisor: K. Kaiser.


  • Chrsitopher Paul Benton, K-projectivity in nonabelian groups. Advisor: J. Hausen.
  • John Damien Gonglewski, On quasi-Newton methods for maximum Likelihood estimates with applications to the mixture density problem. Advisor: Homer Walker.
  • Jeff Morgan, Global existence, boundedness, and decay for solution of semilinear parabolic system of partial differential equation. Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. Current position: Professor and Chairman, University of Houston.
  • Thelma R. West, The span structure of some groups and continua. Advisor: A. Lelek.


  • Anthony J. Bruni, Nonnegative, nontrivial, fixed points of orthogonal projections. Advisor: H. Decell.
  • N'Ekwunife Muoneke, On the stochastic and doubly stochastic powers of nonnegative square reducible matrices. Advisor: R. Sinkhorn.
  • Xianwu Zeng, A qualitative investigation of coupled systems of nonlinear cscillators. Advisor: G. Archmuty. Last known position: Wuhan University, PR China.


  • James L. Sparra, Stochastic approximation of fixed points. Advisor: Homer Walker.


  • Van Clyne Nll, III, Weak confluence and W-sets. Advisor: W.T. Ingram.
  • Vu Anh Phuong, Inaccuracy in least change secant update methods. Advisor: Homer F. Walker.
  • Pamela D. Roberson, An uncountable collection of Case-Chamberlin type continua with no model. Advisor: W.T. Ingram.
  • Ching-yun Suen, The representation theory of completely bounded maps on C^*-algebra. Advisor: Paulsen. Current position: U of Texas A&M-Galveston.


  • Linda Becerra, Multiplicative lattices and the integral closure operation. Advisor: Johnny Johnson. Current place of employment is the University of Houston - Downtown.
  • Kathryn Jones, Independence in graphs with maximum degree four. Advisor: S. Fajtlowicz.
  • Tung M. Nguyen, Applications of generalized inverse to circulant matrices, intersection projections, and linear programming. Advisor: H. Decell.


  • Dwayne Collins, Monotone upper semi-continuous decompositions of IUC continua. Advisor: W. Ingram.
  • James Francis Davis, Zero span continua, Advisor: W. Ingram.
  • Billy Don Janeway, Zero divisors in commutative semigroup rings. Advisor: Matthew O'Malley.
  • Dorothy Marsh, Concerning the cone hyperspace property. Advisor: W. Ingram.
  • Marcus Marsh, Fixed point theorems for certain tree-like continua. Advisor: H. Cook.


  • Malvina F. Baica, A new algorithm over the complex number field (AFC) and its applications to units and combinational identities. Advisor: Jurgen Schmidt.
  • Travis A. Moebes, An atriodic tree-like continuum that is not weakly chainable. Advisor: Ingram.
  • George R. Morton, Homotopy-invariant group constructions and preimages of essential maps. Advisor: D.G. Bourgin.
  • Robert M. Nehs, Generalized reduced omology and duality. Advisor: D. Bourgin. Current position: Texas Southern U.
  • John S. Rankin, Transforms and completions of multiplicative lattices. Advisor: Johnny Johnson.


  • Rekha Basa, Effect of model specification in pattern classification. Advisor: H. Decell.
  • William Fugene Kaufman, Semiclosed operators in Hilbert space. Advisor: John Nerney.
  • Massoud Malek-Shahmiraadi, Application of Neumann's lemma to the minimum and characteristic polynomials. Advisor: Decell.
  • Kunio Oshima, Inclusion theorem by means of iteration procedure. Advisor: H. Decell.
  • Dorothy C. Perez, Closure operations on multiplicative lattices. Advisor: Johnny Johnson.

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