PhD Program

Admission Information

General requirement

The PhD degree is a research degree and is granted only as a consequence of original research presented in the form of a formal dissertation.

No specified course plan nor any particular number of credit hours is given as a partial requirement of the degree. It is the student's responsibility to be informed of the current regulations as set forth in the Graduate Studies Bulletin and the Bulletin of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. This includes a residency requirement of enrollment in 9 semester-credit-hours each in two consecutive long semesters, and a completion of at least 24 semester-credit-hours in the PhD program (Among the 24 hours, at least 12 hours must be regular graduate math course credit hours). Other basic requirements must be met as follows:

  • The student is required to pass a preliminary examination. The Preliminary Examination consists of three 3-hours written exams for three topics chosen from three distinct groups. Click here to see more details on the Preliminary Examination.
  • The student must complete a minimum of one full year of continuous, fulltime residence after obtaining a Master's degree in mathematics or the equivalent. Currently, registration for nine semester hours' work, each semester for two consecutive semesters implies fulltime residence.
  • All supported PhD students who have passed preliminary exam should take at least 2 regular math graduate courses. However, if his/her PhD advisor agrees (to have more time to do research), the student can take only 1 regular math graduate course. In that case, the student has to indicate "the agreement" in the "Any additional information" of the Course Selection Form. Additional form or signature is not required.
  • As a primary requirement for the degree, the student must produce, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, original, independent research in mathematics in the form of a formal dissertation. The results should be of a sufficiently scholarly nature to be considered publishable in the mathematical literature.
  • The student must defend the dissertation in a final examination before a reading committee which shall consist of at least four members; three of whom, including the faculty advisor, shall be from the Mathematics Department, and one from outside the Mathematics Department. This committee must be approved by the Chairman of the Mathematics Department and the Dean of the College and the names of the committee members must be on file in the Office of the Dean at least one semester prior to graduation. Copies of the dissertation must be in the hands of the committee at least three weeks prior to the scheduled date of the final examination. One copy of the dissertation is to be placed (at departmental expense) in the Mathematics Department office at the time it is distributed to the committee. The dissertation committee will not be assigned until the language and preliminary examinations have been passed.
  • The student must complete twelve hours of Doctoral Dissertation (MATH 8399). The University requires that a student who registers for Doctoral Dissertation be enrolled for dissertation courses continuously (Fall and Spring) up to and including the semester in which the dissertation is accepted by the University.
  • Please send a PDF file of the PhD dissertation to the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Coordinating Board has put a uniform cap on doctoral hours at Texas institutions. All resident doctoral students admitted (starting Fall 1993 and after) will be transferred to non-resident tuition status as of the semester following the one in which they exceed the 99 doctoral hours limit.